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Assets Tracked
Reports Produced

Performance Tolerance

Completely customize your performance tolerance, which is the amount of excess return desired relative to a benchmark, or the amount of lagging return tolerable to the same. The industry-leading technology in The E-Valuator allows you to create custom performance zones reflecting these settings.

Performance Timeframes

In addition to tracking the past 30 months, The E-Valuator tracks performance throughout the month on a month-to-date basis. For instance, if the 5-year annualized return is important to the investor, The E-Valuator will update the 5-year annualized return of each investment at the close of each day throughout the month.

Investment Finder

The Investment Finder is a three-phase investment filtration process providing Advanced users and Advisors the ability to impose a customized investment criteria on the investment universe.

Chart & Reports

The easy-to-read, easy-to-understand charts and reports can be updated at anytime. Changes to any of The E-Valuator settings will automatically re-calibrate the investment analysis. Charts and reports can be emailed on demand, or can be emailed on a monthly schedule.

Brokerage Support

The E-Valuator provides custom brokerage support options for high-level administrative management of groups of advisors, centralizing control of their client accounts in a simple interface with customizable user restrictions.

3rd Party Integration

The E-Valuator utilizes latest technology to directly interface with existing brokerage accounts at TD Ameritrade and others. Contact us for further information and details.

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Justin Doheny

Financial Advisor, CA

It's a must-have tool!

The E-Valuator has made an incredible difference in our day-to-day operations. The software allows me to focus more on client interaction and automates at least 80% of my tasks, including investment monitoring, alternative selection and report generation. I'm extremely impressed and so are my clients - I will definitely recommend The E-Valuator to my colleagues!