T.E.A.M. Challenge

The E-Valuator Asset Management (T.E.A.M.) University Challenge was created for universities with financial planning curriculums to educate and inspire students regarding the impact asset management, that is based on performance tolerance, has on client portfolios.

For the challenge, each student receives a complementary E-Valuator Advisor Level membership and competes against one another to see who can create the best client portfolio within the defined parameters. Client Portfolio scoring includes Performance across multiple timeframes, Risk-Management across multiple timeframes, and Expense Management.

Students create their portfolio by using The E-Valuator software to filter through Morningstar’s Universe of 32,000+ Mutual Fund and ETF holdings. This competition helps students gain insight to the development of a client’s portfolio, as well as its ongoing monitoring requirements. The weighted scoring inclusive of performance, volatility, and overall expense broadens the student’s knowledge and comprehension to the various components involved in creating a successful investment strategy. The friendly “competition” among classmates makes for a highly energized learning environment. While the Challenge is only a semester in duration, it still provides valuable insight to the various events (domestic and global) that influence the risk and return of a portfolio.

The use of The E-Valuator software not only simplifies the creation and maintenance of a client’s portfolio, but it also provides insight and education on the need for an advisor to obtain maximum operational efficiency thereby limiting overhead expenses while delivering a customized solution to their clientele. Portfolios are monitored throughout the semester with scoring updates provided on a bi-weekly basis. At the end of the Challenge the top three “portfolio managers” within each classroom will be recognized, as well as the National T.E.A.M. University Challenge winner across all participating universities.

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Justin Doheny

Financial Advisor, CA

It's a must-have tool!

The E-Valuator has made an incredible difference in our day-to-day operations. The software allows me to focus more on client interaction and automates at least 80% of my tasks, including investment monitoring, alternative selection and report generation. I'm extremely impressed and so are my clients - I will definitely recommend The E-Valuator to my colleagues!